Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Striped Knit Maternity Dress

This was the very first maternity thing I made this pregnancy (early april). It is sitting back on my sewing machine table, waiting to either have the sleeves let out or to remake the fabric into something else. I did not like the look of it much. I guess sewing has a learning curve, and this was my first project after years of doing zero sewing at all (and I was never much good to begin with).

I was trying to follow this tutorial, which looks really cute but mine did not turn out. I didn't have enough fabric for it, and so the skirt is too clingy and the sleeves are too tight. Also the material is too see-through when pulled tight (it was a smocked fabric I got online). Buying fabric online is often hit and miss, but Joanns just does not have any sort of selection of knits. They are all solid interlock jersey from what I saw. There is a small knitting & fabric store in Provo called Harmony which does carry a few knit fabrics, (one of which I bought for the Rie Top which I will post soon), but they are so expensive that ordering online is just so much cheaper.

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