Monday, March 12, 2007


You may wonder, why do I have an avatar on the sidebar whose clothes/background keep changing? Because I'm silly and it amuses me. Maybe I secretly wish I were 8 years old and could play dress up. But I guess it's not a secret anymore.


I've become an iblank. It was inevitable.

iblank: one who has an association with ithings.

ithings: things including but not limited to: itunes, ipod, iphone, imac, etc.

But it was not always thus. I used to use windows media player. But then came a series of events which led me to itunes. Apparently, I have been living in a graduate apartment complex for a whole year without realizing I had access to the music collections of my neighbors. I owe many thanks to "Weminuche National Forest" for his extensive collection of jazz and my subsequent discovery of Miles Davis. I have found Miles Davis to be very good homework music.

I did wonder how I managed to avoid discovering itunes until last autumn, and I realized the answer last week. I never owned an ipod. Since I never owned an ipod, I was never forced to download itunes in order to upload music to the ipod. Yet...I have succumbed. I finally quit resisting and bought an ipod shuffle, for the sole purpose of being able to listen to books on tape while I run. Sigh. I have become an iblank, and there is no going back.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.