Monday, February 28, 2011

pivotal moment

I was just thinking about my rocky courtship with DH. There were many pivotal moments, but I often think about the one that was the most important. It took place on March 31, 2007 in a gmail chat conversation, well over a year before we married.

This is it. This is what I typed after staring at his green dot for 45 minutes.

me: I think I've done the wrong thing, dh.
And that was the moment.

Short, but important.

It is ok to be wrong! You don't have to know everything. Or anything. I know nothing, Lady Bracknell. To be sure.

Never underestimate g-chat!!

(And for those of you out there who don't know me in person, DH does not stand for Dear Husband. They are name initials!)

Suddenly I have that song, "From this Moment On" stuck in my head.

Monday, February 21, 2011

extra cheese

There is this pile of extra towels in a wicker basket I keep in the bathroom. I haven't used more than the top towel or two in the years I've had them sitting there. DH thought we should scrub the floor (gasp!) underneath the basket and had the audacity to suggest moving it. Shocking!!!!

But we did and it was a good thing too. Some water must have gotten under it at some point because there was a slight discoloration of a few spots, but luckily nothing too scary. I decided to unload the basket to make sure there was nothing evil going in it its dark depths. Luckily, there was nothing evil. But to my surprise, I discovered much more than a pile of clean towels. I discovered the hidden treasure trove of bath and shower kits we'd gotten as wedding presents! I totally forgot they were there. In addition to the fizzing bath balls, bubble bath, and multiple bottles of shower gel, body scrub, etc., I found something... more.

It was a container of Kraft parmesan cheese!!! YESSSSS now we can rest easy knowing that the cheese is safe. The best part is that the expiration date on the container is 3 weeks BEFORE we got married 3 years ago. Poor cheese. You never even got a chance.

Monday, February 14, 2011

sisterly love

Facebook is a special place where you can have even more special conversations. Ahem.

12/10/2010 LRH: um.
12/16/2010 LRH: so yeah.
12/17/2010 JW: okay
01/05/2011 LRH: psha
01/10/2011 HH: zif
LRH: zif zif
01/11/2011 HH: whatevaaarr
JW: eee er eee er eee er
01/12/2011 HH: your butt goes eee er eee er eee er!
JW: Your mouth goes... uh, never mind.
LRH: no, no, its your face!
HH: Where did A. learn that again?
JW: Aunt H.
HH: zif
JW: so, you acknowledge your guilt?
JW: Laura's face? Yes, Laura's.
LRH: what-evar

Monday, February 07, 2011

race reflections

I ran my half marathon yesterday. It was a really beautiful race course. The race went through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and then down the coastal highway right next to the beach.

I did really well the first half of the race and was running at a good clip, but then I began feeling sick. I slowed down and ended up walking off and on for around 3 miles near the end, but ran the last bit. I felt sick for the rest of the day too. I want to blame it on the orange gatorade I drank at an electrolyte station, but I really have no clue why I felt so nasty.

I did learn a few lessons for next time.
1) Don't drink so much! There were more water/electrolyte stations than I needed, and I didn't plan very well. Around mile 6 there was a water station JUST before the electrolyte station, which I didn't realize. So I ended up drinking too much there and at a few later stations, so that had natural consequences!

2) Bring some kind of energy boost to eat at mile 7. I began to feel really tired at mile 8.

3) Practice running faster over long distances. I definitely ran much faster during the race then I regularly do, so wasn't sure how much water my body needed or when I would get tired. More experience and more time training would help.

I was amazed at how much litter is left on the race paths following drink stations. There were garbage cans on the side of the path, but most people just drop the paper cups on the ground as they run. It was strange seeing so much trash on a public street. I was glad not to have to clean up after!

I am definitely going to do another half marathon at some point, I think I just had bad luck getting sick. I think doing some 10K races would be fun in the interim.

P.S. My race time is not worth mentioning...:) No, it took me 3h 15 min. I am short and so can't walk very fast, so the time I spent walking added a significant amount to the total time. I was keeping up with the 2H 30 m group until I felt sick.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.