Friday, January 29, 2010

scary movies: the importance of having a pillow

I'm not a fan of violence. Not a fan. Not in real life, or in movies.

The pillow is my constant friend during movies. I can hug it, lean on it, or more often bury my face in it so I can't see what's on screen.

Creepy villains are the worst. If there is any hint of creepiness or nasty unknowns lurking in the shadows, then I grab the pillow. I'm pretty sensitive. Sometimes I even have to go hide in another room. Like that "I am Legend" movie that came out last year? Ew. I went and read a book for the last half hour. Poor DH. When I leave the room I leave him my pillow though. Maybe that helps him get through it.

And yet, in spite of all my avoidance of violent nastiness, I find my eye drawn to roadkill on the freeway. But when I get close enough to see any detail of what it might be, I realize I didn't want to be looking in the first place. I am weird.

Monday, January 18, 2010

LRH recipes blog

I've started a new blog for my own use in cooking and keeping track of what I make. I also embedded a calendar that I'm using in an attempt to plan meals in advance.

wedding follow up: vendors & venues-- part 4

Continuing from part 3...

Hair can be really tricky. It was especially tricky for me because I'd been wearing my hair really short for several years and had just gotten it cut really short again the month before getting engaged. (See below--no ring yet!)

Aside: I've let it go longer lately only because it is expensive to maintain (at least when you pay what I do for a cut!).

I wanted my hair to look longer at the wedding, so I let it grow for 6 months without trimming it. But I had no idea who to have style my hair. I'd been living in California for 4 years and didn't have any great recommendations for a stylist in Utah. That is, until I asked my amazing friend Jillian (who now has an awesome B&B in Oregon!). She recommended Sean at Aveda Landis. He was AMAZING! Thank you Jillian!

Sean wanted me to come in for a trial run so he could get a feel for my hair and what we would do. So I went in two days before the wedding and was there for about 30 minutes. He didn't even charge me for the trial! Also, he had no problem with an 8 am hair appointment the day of the wedding--in fact he was the one to suggest starting so early! (I'd originally suggested 8:30 am, and I was supposed to get the Salt Lake temple by 10:15 am.)

The early time turned out to be really helpful since I needed all the extra time to get to the temple and park. I was by myself that morning trying to carry my dress, shoes, temple bag, and purse in one trip. I'd gotten all the way out of the parking lot before I remembered to go back for something else!

He did a fantastic job. Thanks Sean!

Make up artist: ME.
I'm not a pro, but didn't want to bother with a make up artist. I just wanted to look normal. Wearing ANY make up at all was a pretty big deal for me anyway. (Especially considering that I haven't worn any make up since the wedding day! Well...I did wear mascara for a family picture recently.)
I was short on time before the wedding ceremony so ended up getting married sans make up. But I liked it that way. I got married in a simple temple dress, so I thought it was fitting. However, everyone who was waiting outside after the wedding had to wait not only for me to change into a different dress, but also to put make up on. AND sunscreen! I was so not getting sunburned. Also, I had a little mishap with the sunscreen...which required some fancy footwork on my mom's part. Sorry for making everyone wait forever!
To be continued in part 5...the honeymoon!

snapshots of christmas

We went home for Christmas this year, as usual. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

David was cold while waiting at the airport.

Ah, it's me in my 10 year old coat. It's not even that warm, but it serves as my Utah coat.

Nephew Alex really bulked up this Christmas.

This is the ONLY picture we have taken of DH and me together. Apparently we were excited about eating the kids snacks.

Alex, flying.

DH and I went to see the Nutcracker. It was the "Nutty" Nutcracker, where the ballet was tweeked slightly and it was really hilarious. There was a Where's Waldo wandering around the set, a disco ball, performers wearing the wrong costume, rollerblading instead of dancing, and more. Thanks Heidi and Brian for the comp tickets!

Ah, the cute Naked baby Luke. His fat is so cute. I had to touch it.

This is the game invented by the Hansen family nephews and nieces. You close yourself in the closet, then open the door and pop out!

The end.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Letter to Alexander Mccall Smith

Dear Mr. Mccall Smith,

I adore you. Well, not really you actually (no hard feelings!), but I adore the books you write. However considering how delightful your books are, you must be at least somewhat delightful too. Did you know some libraries mistakenly shelve your books under 'S'?

Thank you for writing so many books. The rate at which you publish books has been increasing of late, but there is still room for improvement. I have made this plot for you to illustrate this point. (this plot was made possible by none other than my favorite website ever,
Please write more. I'm glad you are only 61 because that means you have at least 40 more years of writing to do. I'm only 26 and I expect you to keep up with my reading demands until I'm at least 65.

That's all. Happy New Year.

-an adoring fan

So long, and thanks for all the fish.