Monday, May 29, 2006

You thought I was going to say something witty, didn't you.

Sorry to let you down. I can't be witty all the time. Sometimes I may go an entire day without saying something witty. I was witty today, but I might not be witty tomorrow. Actually, there is a fair chance I might not be witty tomorrow. I could try not to be witty.

Something very amusing: Somehow, even though I have lived at Stanford for 9 months, I've never had to lead music in Relief Society. Nobody ever asked me. Well, today they did. Unfortunately, my 15 minutes of fame ended abruptly as I closed the hymn book after the second verse. The pianist looked at me (after stopping accompanying mid-measure), and said, "are we done?" And then I realized I had done something I do all the time..I get confused when singing hymns because you never turn the page. You have to re-read the same page over and over again depending on the number of verses. I have to consciously remind myself of this. I often close the book before the final verse (or in this case, the final two verses), only to slyly open it again and hope not too many people noticed. Today there was no hiding my error. I suppose after the second verse today, I forgot what I'm always reminding myself, and thought the song was over. I said.."erm...we could keep going. sorry." Then we all laughed (and didn't continue). And that was that. Luckily, it was at the end of the block, so we all got out on time.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The day of towels

I think it very important to observe that today is towel day. Yes, towel day. A day to celebrate the existence of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy plus two (although, personally, I didn't particularly like book 5), as well as to celebrate Douglas Adams (who died on may 11, 2001). Lets celebrate (his life). Douglas Adams also wrote a lesser known pair of books, which are by no means less worthy. The second of these is entitled, "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul," featuring a man named Dirk Gently. As you might have guessed...he was in the first book too. I would like to point out that my neighbor's name is Dirk. I would also like to point out (which I am certain most will miss) is that the footnote on this page (So long, and thanks for all the fish) is the title of the third installment in the Hitchhiker trilogy. This is, in fact, a farewell from the dolphins (who eat fish). Intrigued? I thought so. Yay for towels. On another note, I would like to say the world has not ended.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ode to the Matt

the a matty man.
He married the mariaquita.
She and he are lovely
he is a leaf at heart
twirling turbulently...
He knows he twirls, and just doesn’t tell anybody.
I won’t either.

To Matt. As requested. Any other requests?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Exit Mundi.

So..long ago, I discovered a lovely site..called Exit Mundi. Perhaps not so oddly enough, even though I generally loathe and avoid the inaccurate and overdramatized end-of-the-world movies, I like this website that lists even more far-fetched end world scenarios. But the main point of this paragraph, is an introduction to this cartoon, which I think is especially marvelous.

more on funny things

Some things are semi-funny. Fewer things are very funny. Many things are barely funny. Everything isn't funny. Funny things are always funny. Funny things aren't everything. Many things aren't semi-funny...semi-funny things aren't semi-funny all the time. Barely funny things might not be funny more than once a week. Or less. The end.

some things are funny.

A two-story outhouse...funny.




So long, and thanks for all the fish.