Monday, September 26, 2011

Weird Al in concert + my husband the dairy farmer

A few months back David mentioned to me that Weird Al Yankovic would be performing at the Utah State Fair in September. And we were totally going to be living in Utah at that time! So naturally he bought tickets. The concert was on September 12. 

We drove up to Salt Lake City a couple hours early to see some stuff before the concert began. Naturally David was most excited about the livestock. He did grow up on a dairy farm after all and tells stories about birthing calves and crazy cows with attitude. There were two large barns holding cows (one for dairy and one for beef breeds). DH knows his cows. He was saying stuff like, "that Guernsey is really beautiful," or "that looks just like such-and-such cow we had growing up." There is a large cow pasture on 280 that we would pass on the way to Redwood City in California that had black cows with huge white stripes (like an oreo). Naturally DH had to find out what they were called. They are called Belted Galloways, and he would always look wistful when we'd pass. I saw on a friends blog this week her report of going to a state fair in Washington. She has a picture of a little girl hugging her 4-H cow. It made me think of DH hanging out with the calves as a child. Plus it is just sweet. 

So we had dinner and got in line to get into the concert. Never had DH been surrounded with so many die hard Weird Al fans (like himself). You might recall how DH likes to celebrate Weird Al's birthday with a "special" hot dog. Yeah. While we were in line he commented several times that he felt like he had found is true people. And he really had. These people are one of a kind. 

So we watched the concert. It was so great! Weird Al really puts on a show. He is so energetic--jumping around the stage, changing outfits for almost every song, dancing and generally acting weird. I had a really good time and I'm not even close to obsessed, though I do like some of his music. One of my favorite parts was when Weird Al sang "White and Nerdy." If you watch the music video on youtube then you can witness younger Donny Osmond dancing in the background of a several shots (I think as an example of someone White and Nerdy). (And if you want to see the first take of Donny Osmond dancing NON-STOP through the entire song, watch this. It is so hilarious.) At the concert there was a huge screen hanging at the back of the stage. Weird Al must have gotten Donny Osmond to do some more dancing many years later, because on screen there was an aged Donny doing more dance moves. It was really entertaining. Another great part of the song was that Weird Al came out riding a Segway and drove it all around the stage for the first part of the song. Those things are heavy and expensive! But definitely a great prop.

David bought a poster and t-shirt at the concert. This is him in his new shirt. The shirt advertises the 2011 Weird Al tour. I think going to this concert totally made his year. And it was baby's first concert too. It was a memorable night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Divided House

Last Saturday was the Utah-BYU football game. I am a Utah fan and David is a BYU fan. Naturally it was important for me to wear my red Utah shirt and David to wear his blue BYU shirt. We had a bunch of errands to do that day, and we got some hilarious comments from random people in the town. I've never been in "enemy" territory like I am now, and I really enjoyed dressing up in my Uteness.

Here we are in our abode:

And here we are at the game. Look at all that blue behind us! I was one of a handful of Ute fans scattered throughout the faculty section at the stadium. People were nice to me anyway since I wasn't particularly irritating and I looked pretty harmless with my big belly and all. It was fun getting attention.

 David thought this was important to get a picture of. It's the biggest flag ever!

I had two favorite parts of the day. The first was when we were at Walmart and we passed an older couple in the aisle. The husband looked at us and said, "the red one is the smart one!" We laughed and then watched his wife swat his arm and tell him he was in big trouble. Ha! It was like a vision of the future, me and DH 40 years from now.

The second favorite part was near the end of the game. A lot of people had left early (due to BYU's lame performance) and we spotted a couple with a baby a few rows down. The wife was in blue and the husband in red. David and I had been discussing how we should dress up our baby at future Utah/BYU games. I thought a purple shirt would suffice (you + blue = purple) but david liked the idea of a half red half blue onesie (but which is unlikely to be sold anywhere). But this couple we saw, they had their baby dressed up in a red and blue stripped onesie! We thought it was genius.

the end. (+ go Utes!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

belated birthday pics

I wanted to write a follow up post about my birthday this year (original is here). First of all, I mistakenly thought that 28 had no mathematical beauty, but it is actually a perfect number. DH and J the magnificent enlightened me:)

This year I went to my friend Libby's house and shared my birthday with her now 1-year-old daughter, who was born on my 27th birthday! Libby made a tiny cake for her and a big cake for the rest of us to share. Here are some pictures (and her own blog post from that night):

This is me. Just in case you were confused. Libby gave me a present:)

The end.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

pregnant: the side view + the control group

David has taken three pictures of me so far while pregnant. And he chose to use himself as the "control."  (HA!). So whenever I remember, I prompt him to take a picture of me, and then I take one of him. Here is what we have so far:

17 weeks and 3 days along. (07-15-2011)

Here I am from the side. 

This was the day Harry Potter 7 part 2 opened in theaters. Hence my special shirt!

And here is DH. The "control" group. 

20 weeks and 5 days along. (08-07-2011)

I'm in a dress so I don't look that much different than before. And my facial expression is definitely on the weird side.

DH again. In control.
25 weeks and 2 days along. (09-08-2011, today)

Yes my hair is still wet. 

And here is DH maintaining control, wearing an AWESOME pink shirt.

And that's all for now. According to one of David's colleagues, I am "great" with child (and that was 2 weeks ago!). I can only imagine what I'll be at the end. Probably magnificent with child. Or titanic. We shall see.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

laundry woes

I have discovered a new aspect of my slovenly housewifeness.

For the first time ever, I have my own washer and dryer. I share it with no one (except DH, but he doesn't count). No one will be annoyed if I leave sheets in the dryer for a week. No one will be annoyed if I leave piles of clothes in the laundry area because I am avoiding folding them. And, finally, no one will have clothes that are put away.

In my previous existence as a tiny 1 bedroom apartment dweller, I would do laundry on the day that DH was going to run out of underwear. Or he would. (Actually, that is the grand strategy. Make sure you have more underwear than your partner and then they are forced to do laundry. Hopefully.)

So in this previous existence, on laundry day, I would scope out the laundry hut (because it was sort of like a hut) to make sure none of my neighbors was using it. We had an agreement that it was ok to move each others stuff. These agreements are IMPORTANT. I even mentioned it to each one early on to make sure there would be no issues. (Some people have issues.)

If available, I would haul out the first load of laundry and put it in the washer. Then I would come back in and set the chicken. (In our house, the timer is in the shape of a chicken. Thank you Karren! Although I am worried it might have met its end by being dropped one too many times. But I have not given up hope that it will once again become reliable.) 45 minutes later, the chicken would ring. And I would go outside, move the stuff to the dryer, put more stuff in the washer, etc. And then repeat. After each load was dry, I would come inside and dump it on our bed. We only have one laundry basket. I intend to keep it that way. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for preventing the laundry basket syndrome that has befallen THOSE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS. Who live out of laundry baskets. Or used to. Anyway. Moving on. I had to set the chicken (timer) for fear that I would forget about laundry and one of our neighbors would try to use the washer and find our wet underwear instead. This was not ok. Or, they would interrupt my laundry groove by assuming I was finished when I was not.

So to jump to the end of the story, we would end up with piles of laundry on top of our bed that had to be put away before we could sleep that night. And so it was put away. Now, unfortunately, there are many other places besides the bed to put laundry and leave it. There is the washer. And dryer. And couch (recently acquired). Or on top of the dryer. Or on the floor. I could go on.

In order to prevent such laundry woes and attempt to decrease my slovenly housewifery, I must figure out a way around this "problem" of not having to share a washer/dryer. I could pretend someone else used it each night. Or I could pretend that anything left in the dryer grows mold (I don't have to pretend this for the washer, which is why it is less likely to have stuff in it for too long!) Or I could just give up and be grateful that at least I only have one laundry basket. Whatever happens, I'm thinking I might just continue with my trusted method of dumping it all on the bed. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish.