Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm going to make my first blog about shoes. I adore these shoes. I bought them on sale. And I love them.

The end.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

on the trail

I emailed John McCain. That's right. I wrote, "Can I borrow your water level meter?"

It's true there's a John McCain at my firm, as mentioned in a previous post. In that post I mentioned that I knew who he was, but we'd never spoken. But I feel speaking is imminent.

4:20 pm, yesterday: I email John McCain.
5:05 pm, yesterday: John McCain emails me back.
8:15 am, today: I leave a message on John McCain's answering machine.

Now it's all a waiting game.

9:24 am, today: We speak.

The end.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

una experiencia en el barrio espanol

I go to a spanish speaking ward now. Does that mean I speak spanish? Not quite. Since joining this ward, I have had some funny experiences. Two of which occurred today:

1) I attended Relief Society today. I was glad that today was a lesson from the manual, so I could just read the lesson in english. I sat next to a new woman in the ward (similar situation: her husband speaks spanish but she doesn't). We were whispering in the back getting to know each other during announcements (which we can't understand), when all the sudden we hear, "HELLO, NEW PEOPLE!" The RS president was waving her arms trying to get our attention to introduce the new sister. The new woman then stood up, red faced, and introduced herself, while I stared into my lap. It's hard to know when people are about to introduce you when you don't understand what they are saying. But it was pretty funny. Relief Society spanish style is louder for sure.

2) The teacher got up to begin the lesson. I started reading the lesson, and looked up to see the everyone in the room with their eyes closed and the teacher still speaking. I thought, "oh, she must be praying." Slightly confused, I closed my eyes too. But she kept going on and on. "This is a really long prayer," I thought. I heard her mention the name "Johnson" twice, and remembered seeing that name in the lesson manual. I opened my eyes and realized she'd just been reading a long quoted story in the lesson manual, and had probably asked the class to close their eyes. When I told DH about it in the car on the way home he burst out laughing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

websites I'm kind of obsessed with...

I'm a web 2.0er. As such, I am obsessed with a few websites. These include: Great for managing money. It's free, and has nearly all the capabilities of Microsoft Money. (And it doesn't screw up your accounts like Money does, AND it has no annual fee, let alone any fee.) And it's totally secure. This is a family networking site. You can keep track of cousins, their kids, their birthdays, and post photos and events. It's nice for putting down information about ancestors too. You can share ancestor information easily with family, which you cannot do with personal ancestral files (PAF). This site is also secure.

Librarything: I already blogged about this. This site remains totally awesome. I have no idea if this website is secure, but who cares if people know what books you read?

Goodreads: This is the lesser version of Librarything, but it's completely free and more people use it so you can network with your friends on the site and see what they're reading and what reviews they've written. Ditto on security.

By the way, I am not obsessed with Facebook or My Space. Especially not My Space.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love my Dentist

DH and I have been watching the Mary Tyler Moore show online (legal too!) Last night we watched this delightful episode featuring a memorable dentist. I know my mom has collected various films with dentists in them (in honor of dad), but I'm not sure if she knows about this episode of MTM. Oddly enough, SarahandCompany has also been watching MTM, quite coincidental!

P.S. I stole the title of this blog post from my mom's key chain.

P.P.S. Sarah, did you know that there is another blogger at the address of who has only one post, "Hi I like penguins" made in 2005? I quickly realized I'd gone to the wrong address:)

day off

Apparently some people get Columbus Day off. BART was less crowded yesterday then today.


I am not one of those people. I do remember and love the Columbus Day holiday song my family used to sing. I forget if the music book was blue or green. I think I was given this music book for christmas one year, but I don't think I still have it. It was probably misplaced inside some piano bench and will never be found.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.