Thursday, September 30, 2010

my secret life

So I sort of haven't blogged about much lately. Thus my secret life.

I was never a journal blogger. Sorry.

But I will give you a few tidbits:

Tidbit #1: My Birthday. It came and went. I am now 27. Here are pics:

Note the binary number candle arrangement: 11011. Yellow is for 0, Green for 1. DH sort of rocks like that. And that is Rhubarb Crisp bytheway.

My favorite shirt. I wear it a lot.

Tidbit #2: I rode light rail in Seattle during (or rather at the endpoints of) my visit to J the magnificent. We watched the complete first season of Lois and Clark. (it so rocks.) It is on netflix instant play now. Janie still had my engagement photo on her fridge so we did a re-enactment.

J's husband has passed away, hence the visit. We were sad together. Love you Janien.

Tidbit #3: I made pupusas twice. Amazingly, while at the store buying maseca for the dough, I overheard a conversation about a nearby Salvadorean restaurant and how they have great papsies. Pipsies. The woman couldn't quite recall. Good thing I was there to supply the correct name. Pupusas. They rock.

Tidbit #4: My most recent mishap was the complete shattering of a glass shelf from our fridge. What joy is mine. That is now the second part from our fridge that will have been replaced. One of the door shelves broke off last year. Alas.

Tidbit #5: I witnessed the super secret arrival of a VIP to Stanford Campus. A couple years ago GW Bush tried to visit Hoover Institute on Stanford Campus. He didn't quite make it. yeah. A bunch of students caused a near riot with their protests and prevented his visit. He ended up giving his prepared remarks at someone's house--George Schultz.

Last Saturday I was helping DH move cube (poor guy. As a sixth year grad student, he now has LOWEST priority and lost his prime cube spot. He is now the scum of the econ department.) We were just outside the Econ building when at least 6 police cars escorted some Mysterious Visitor to Hoover. There were policemen on the street as well. I haven't discovered who it was yet. Who has a high enough profile to get a 6 car escort? Not many. Probably not Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe. And I was one of maybe 5 bystanders who saw it happen. 11 am on a saturday?

So long, and thanks for all the fish.