Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things of note

I was running last saturday. Out of nowhere a 60 year old woman comes jogging up to me and starts running with me and talking. "You were my inspiration this morning," she says. She goes on to say how when she saw me running so slowly, she knew she could do that. She gets frustrated with running and getting tired too fast, but at my pace, she could go for a long time.
Well. I am glad to have inspired a 60 year old woman with my slowness. Though I had not thought to inspire anyone by running slower than my husband walks...I am glad I did:)

Clyde is happy again. He was sad for a while. He has 7 teeth now and is 10 months.

My 3rd half marathon is coming up on saturday. This one looks to be the worst time ever, considering I didn't run for 2 months and just started again last week. I don't really care though. I'll just stay ahead of the SAG wagon. (The wagon that picks you up if you are below 16 min/mile pace.) I will try not to SAG. The run last saturday (where I inspired the lady) was only 6 miles. And it is my longest run in 2 years. So we'll just see about 13 miles on saturday.

Also. Four months after moving into our (purchased) house, our rental contract is finally over at our old place. I am SO glad to be done with mean landlords and subletting. Hopefully never again.

There were more things of note but I have forgotten them. Alas.

Update: I did finish the race ahead of the SAG wagon. 3h 15m total. Not bad for hardly any training and walking half the race! Also. Clyde is 11 months now and has 8 teeth:)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.