Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What I've done the last month instead of blogging:

1. gone to three wedding dress fittings
2. had two bridal showers (makes for seven total)
3. searched for, stressed over, and finally found new apartment
4. haunted craigslist looking for furniture
5. made 10+ house visits to look at furniture or pick up
6. rented a truck twice
7. spent many hours online fruitlessly researching anything and everything wedding related
8. was broadsided on Dumbarton bridge and became one with the concrete barrier at 80 miles per hour
9. became bridezilla
10. drove through MacArthur Maze during rush hour and lived
11. stressed over late wedding invitations which led to a Berkeley stake out
12. typed up 300 labels
13. stuffed and mailed 550 wedding invitations
14. cleaned new apartment (the dirtiest wood floors EVER)
15. discovered computer has died (again)
16. packed up old apartment
17. moved into new apartment
18. found silverware
19. ate cereal
20. slept in my new lovely bed

And now we have reached the present. I now live in a chaotic mess lined with a whole wall of bookshelves and lovely books. And a fridge that is all MINE.

Meanwhile, I still work full time and commute 2 1/2 hours per day. And I am not sick. This is a miracle.

Monday, June 02, 2008

perfect fruit

I have eaten the most perfect banana.

A brilliant yellow.
Opened with ease.
No browning of fingernails due to misplaced banana juice.
No hint of ripe aftertaste.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.