Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Applesauce: important things to know

I adore applesauce. It is my favorite thing to put on top of waffles/pancakes/french toast. It is so refreshing. Sigh.

But not all applesauce is created equal. Safeway, Treetop, and Motts all fall short. Trader Joes actually sells applesauce that is still crunchy! Ew. I made the mistake of buying it again (even though I knew it was evil) and am now repenting while I cook it in a pot on the stove so the chunks become fully cooked and soft. (I must point out that they sell two kinds of applesauce, and their "Big and Chunky" style is tolerable, however, but pricey.)

Sweetened applesauce? What is this world coming to? Would you sprinkle sugar on an orange before you eat it? No. Ew. In the applesauce world, "regular" style applesauce is code for sweetened. Beware!

If one must make due with inferior applesauce, at least make sure it is unsweetened.

But I have made a remarkable discovery. Something so vastly important that I will make a special trip to the store just for applesauce. This remarkable discovery is: Whole foods, 365 brand unsweetened applesauce. The texture is incomparable and amazing. The taste is delicious. Even the glass jar is attractive. It is slightly more expensive than safeway brand, but less expensive than Trader Joe's tolerable "Big and Chunky" style.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.