Thursday, December 01, 2005

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California hang ups and Disclaimer

Ok, so you're in a fast food joint. You order. Then the cashier asks, "for here or to go?"

I would like to make clear my intense dislike of this phrase. In utah all they ever say is "to stay or to go?" When the cashier has a heavy accent and the atmosphere is loud, and I don't hear the expected "to stay or to go," I really can't figure out what was said and I think..why is she asking me about my ear? Blah. How did "stay" get replaced with "here"? Sometime in Nevada? I really must protest. Also, the phrase is completely lacking parallel structure. "Here" is a noun and "go" is a verb..the utah way is so much nicer and I think everyone must agree with me. But really this is a completely stupid point and you must feel free to argue.

But something that really is terrible about this the cottage cheese. I'd swear it's whipped and then frozen and then whipped again before packaging it. It is completely disgusting. I have tried 4 brands and only 1 of them is slightly tolerable. Trader Joes.

The final thing that really bothers me (at least bay area-wise) is the whole north is northwest business. I can do ok and rotate my coordinate system 45 degrees when driving on freeways and such, but sometimes I remain perplexed such as in the following example:

Q: What side of campus do you live on?

A #1: The southwest side. (But, this assumes one refers to the unrotated geographical context.)
A #2: The northwest side. (Assuming rotated system.)
A #3: The west side. (The most generally accepted answer, of course, being the least specific, which could still be interpreted as being very specific.)

But what about if someone said.."I live south of blah blah blah." How do I know which direction they really mean? If they mean south as the rotated south, then how do I know that's what they meant? What if they're anal like me and always speak in a natural geographic context?

This entire post, by the way, is completely pointless, as are all my posts, and one must always assume one is about to read something completely lacking in literary merit before proceeding with blog of mine so that one isn't too disappointed. This is my disclaimer for this blog, and I am finished.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.