Wednesday, June 07, 2006

a sock?

A sock. With expression. Hmm.

Monday, June 05, 2006

a sarcastic comment on spelling.

Too many people don't know how to spell the word: separate. I see it as "seperate" everywhere. (Most recently, in a comment on a blog I read two seconds ago.) I had a professor (well, not really...he was a grad student I think) who taught partial differential equations when I was in undergrad. He was always solving said PDEs on the board in front of the class, and he always put the heading "seperation of variables" on the board at least once a week, all semester, which eventually became very irritating. Nearly everyone in the class noticed eventually, and each time it happened, we would all look around the room at one another as if to say, "he still hasn't figured it out." Nobody ever said anything...I really wanted to write him a note on my final, but decided against it for fear of negative effect. Maybe he still spells it the same way.

On another note, I keep seeing spelling typos in books...really obvious ones with three "e"s in a row or letters swapped..I can't see why some authors don't use spell check. It would be so easy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

to err on a bike

I am officially a Stanford student now, the initiation has begun. I've gotten into the obligatory bike accident--right in front of a large tour group too. Stanford at it's finest, the highlight of their tour, I'm sure. They tried not to laugh. The tour guide even kept a straight face long enough for him to ask if I was alright (to which I replied that I was fine--a blatant lie, of course). But in their defense, it was sort of funny, and I might have even been slightly amused if I hadn't been so damaged. I had cut through a construction zone (lovely dirt and rocks everywhere), made a sharp turn to avoid a tractor 20 feet away, and slid gracefully into the ground. I didn't even collide with any other bicyclists. No, I managed to get in an accident all by myself. Brilliant. Once I got back to my apartment I realized I didn't have any disinfectant around, so I used vodka. Another brilliant move on my part.

I think step two in the initiation process is getting your bike stolen, but I think I'll skip that and go fountain hopping...

So long, and thanks for all the fish.