Thursday, June 01, 2006

to err on a bike

I am officially a Stanford student now, the initiation has begun. I've gotten into the obligatory bike accident--right in front of a large tour group too. Stanford at it's finest, the highlight of their tour, I'm sure. They tried not to laugh. The tour guide even kept a straight face long enough for him to ask if I was alright (to which I replied that I was fine--a blatant lie, of course). But in their defense, it was sort of funny, and I might have even been slightly amused if I hadn't been so damaged. I had cut through a construction zone (lovely dirt and rocks everywhere), made a sharp turn to avoid a tractor 20 feet away, and slid gracefully into the ground. I didn't even collide with any other bicyclists. No, I managed to get in an accident all by myself. Brilliant. Once I got back to my apartment I realized I didn't have any disinfectant around, so I used vodka. Another brilliant move on my part.

I think step two in the initiation process is getting your bike stolen, but I think I'll skip that and go fountain hopping...

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