Monday, June 20, 2011

Napa trip

So I am finally getting around to reporting on a trip DH and I went on last February. To Napa. The land of wine and grapes.

We had some friends who invited us and another couple to help them use up some "points" that were expiring on a hotel package. Napa is about an hour and a half from Palo Alto. We had three rooms, one of which had a full kitchen. We stayed there Sunday and Monday nights, ate lovely food, even visited a winery!

Napa Valley is all about wine tasting and tours. We didn't want to pay to go on a tour when we were mostly paying for the wine tasting at the end that we wouldn't be tasting! We ended up visiting a winery and doing a short self tour. The shape of Napa Valley reminded me a lot of Cache Valley in Utah (minus wine and vineyards!). There is literally one vineyard after another. There are SO SO many.

Here are some pics while at the vineyard:

I'm inside a wine barrel!

Me, Christine, and Silas

1120 gallon barrel!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 years of love and soap

Happy 3rd Anniversary to me! The soap saga continues. For earlier episodes, read here and here.

Our soap has survived 3 years in the Hansen bathroom. We use it many times a day. It is amazing supersoap. (I think it is because it is a low lather soap that it has lasted so long...that and it was huge to begin with).

Poor little soap. You have broken into tiny pieces. But you still live. For now. We thank you, soap. You have been good to us. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

David the Graduate + no more secret

Yesterday was David's graduation from Stanford. He looked super awesome in his special outfit.

You might think there is a degree certificate inside of that thing he is holding. But, no. Instead he has a certificate that says, Congratulations, You're Almost Done! (David won't actually defend his dissertation until early August.)

My parents and David's mother came to the ceremony. It was great! The commencement speaker put in all sorts of economics jokes which I even thought were funny. I guess I've been living with an economist for three years now:)

Another perk was that they gave us food. As a response, David said, "Economists know that hungry people don't donate as much money." Right. Economists are smart.

You can watch a recording of his "hooding" here:

As for the SECRET, it is no longer a secret. Because we are telling it. Hence, no more secret. I am having a baby and it is due December 20th. We alternate between calling it the "poor little christmas baby" and "Emperor Palpatine." :-)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Talking Picture

David and I bought our first video camera. We did a test recording to make sure it would record correctly at David's graduation ceremony.

Here is the test run. David totally pulled this out of his hat, with about a 2 second warning. If you've never seen Singing in the Rain, watch this first:

(It you can't see the video, watch it here: )


Monday, June 06, 2011

MLIS graduation / Impending Provo existence

My graduation.

It happened.

On May 21st.

I totally forgot about it.

But that hardly matters though, since I wasn't planning to go anyway.

But YAY I'm done.

Now I am the master. (hehe...) Again. Master, to the power of two!

Now I'm a little bit bored...

What should I do now?


1) I could always take advantage of the full tuition waver I qualify for now that I'm a spouse of future BYU faculty. I never did get to take concrete and steel design. (And now you all know of my impending Provo existence. My future self will be living there. Starting end of August. With my current husband. I will have more to say on this. Later.)

2) Or maybe I'll get a real job?
a) as a librarian?
b) or civil engineer?

3) Or a fake job perhaps?

4) Finally join an orchestra?

5) Finally resume piano lessons?

6) Become an amoeba?

I'm thinking options 3-5 sound the best. Option 1 strikes terror into my very soul. I am a Ute, after all. However, I may succumb. Eventually.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.