Saturday, December 19, 2009

1.5 years of love and soap

Today is my 1.5 year anniversary to DH who is my DH. Time has gone so fast! It has been so wonderful. Many other things/people have been in my life the last 1.5 years. Clothes. Sheets. Part of a set of plates (the other part did not make it 1.5 years). But there is also a bar of soap. It has lasted and lasted (and we use it EVERY time we wash our hands--which is a lot). It is the soap that DH's sister Anita gave me as part of a care package for Christmas 2 years ago. The soap that was finally opened 2 weeks before we got married. The soap that Sarah O used that night she and other Melvillains came over and ate gnocchi. Sarah O. said we had cool soap. Well Sarah O, that soap is still there if you want to come back and use it again.

Aside from the excitement of growing old together, the next most exciting thing in our lives is how long the soap will last.

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