Thursday, December 10, 2009

the box that became part of the floor

Once upon a time there was a box. I packed it many years ago. It followed me from move to move, but I never opened it. There are a lot of boxes like that, but most of them are in my hope chest. However, this one was not. It's been sitting in front of my dresser for the last 1.5 years. It's far enough away that I can still open the drawers. Gradually it just became part of the floor. I vacuum around it, stack clothes on it, but mostly just forget about it. There are a couple other boxes like that..but I know what is in those. Hangers. Winter clothes. Etc.

About 8 years ago my mom and I went to Family Fabrics. It was a going-out-of-business sale. I chose a bunch of material (at lightning speed, according to my mom) that I could use to make a quilt for my bed. Then we bought two quilting books. Somewhere in a box is a bag of 20+ yards of fabric and the quilting book with my chosen design. Today I thought I'd try and find that box. Not wanting to go into the storm cellar if I didn't have to, I decided to open up the box that had become part of the floor. There was no fabric, but I discovered other long forgotten treasures.

1. My ancient white baby blanket.
2. Another baby blanket. I don't remember this one.
3. A beautiful pewter clock from my great grandmothers house. I'd totally forgotten I had it. (It was in pieces, so I tried to find a picture of how it fit together and eventually found this picture. I hung it up in the kitchen, and even replaced the zillion year old C-battery inside:)
4. A framed medallion for the Utah Aviation Hall of Fame in honor of my great grandfather.
5. Two boxes within the box. These will remain shrouded in mystery.
6. Old hymnals from earlier days of the LDS church.
7. I Have a Song for You, Volume 1 & 2!!!!!!! I was lamenting the fact not too long ago that I couldn't find these. Yay:)

Now if only I knew where that fabric went...

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Juliana said...

I remember you complaining about those songbooks recently. I'm glad you found them.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.