Monday, June 13, 2011

David the Graduate + no more secret

Yesterday was David's graduation from Stanford. He looked super awesome in his special outfit.

You might think there is a degree certificate inside of that thing he is holding. But, no. Instead he has a certificate that says, Congratulations, You're Almost Done! (David won't actually defend his dissertation until early August.)

My parents and David's mother came to the ceremony. It was great! The commencement speaker put in all sorts of economics jokes which I even thought were funny. I guess I've been living with an economist for three years now:)

Another perk was that they gave us food. As a response, David said, "Economists know that hungry people don't donate as much money." Right. Economists are smart.

You can watch a recording of his "hooding" here:

As for the SECRET, it is no longer a secret. Because we are telling it. Hence, no more secret. I am having a baby and it is due December 20th. We alternate between calling it the "poor little christmas baby" and "Emperor Palpatine." :-)


super awesome kt said...

Congratulations!!!! On both counts! So exciting!

Apothecary Inn said...

That news totally threw me for a loop (but in a good way)!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Remember sitting in my apartment on our "Girls' Night" w/Elaina, talking about having babies, way back when? That was my first thought when I heard your news...remembering our "single" times together! I'm so glad that you have found your other half, and that you are about to have a mini-Sunshine! :) Twice the Light!

Jennie said...

Congrats! You'll have to come back to the bay area to visit so we can meet the little mathematician. :)

Johannes and Christine said...

AGGHHH!!!! I can't believe you've been keeping this secret from me! But hooray! I'm super excited for you guys! Too bad you're not going to be here anymore :( You'll have to keep us updated on your blog, with pictures and all! So much fun!

Jonathan Joseph said...

Yahoo! What great news all around. Congratulations David and Laura. - Jonathan

Megan said...

Wow! Congratulations you two! David, what an amazing accomplishment! I'm so happy for both of you! A great! Love you miss Laura!


elspeth said...

Congrats! Hey I'm also preggers and due Decmeber 10th. Let's race!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.