Sunday, October 19, 2008

una experiencia en el barrio espanol

I go to a spanish speaking ward now. Does that mean I speak spanish? Not quite. Since joining this ward, I have had some funny experiences. Two of which occurred today:

1) I attended Relief Society today. I was glad that today was a lesson from the manual, so I could just read the lesson in english. I sat next to a new woman in the ward (similar situation: her husband speaks spanish but she doesn't). We were whispering in the back getting to know each other during announcements (which we can't understand), when all the sudden we hear, "HELLO, NEW PEOPLE!" The RS president was waving her arms trying to get our attention to introduce the new sister. The new woman then stood up, red faced, and introduced herself, while I stared into my lap. It's hard to know when people are about to introduce you when you don't understand what they are saying. But it was pretty funny. Relief Society spanish style is louder for sure.

2) The teacher got up to begin the lesson. I started reading the lesson, and looked up to see the everyone in the room with their eyes closed and the teacher still speaking. I thought, "oh, she must be praying." Slightly confused, I closed my eyes too. But she kept going on and on. "This is a really long prayer," I thought. I heard her mention the name "Johnson" twice, and remembered seeing that name in the lesson manual. I opened my eyes and realized she'd just been reading a long quoted story in the lesson manual, and had probably asked the class to close their eyes. When I told DH about it in the car on the way home he burst out laughing.


j the nohabloespanol said...


It's cool DH is maintaining his language! and you are, presumably, picking up un poquitito too. mahvelous.

Marie Fackrell said...

I love it! I thought RS Spanish style was loud until I came back to the south.
Buena suerte con el Espanol y todo en la Rama. Que guay que ustedes van a la iglesia en Espanol.
Thanks for the practice.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.