Wednesday, October 15, 2008

websites I'm kind of obsessed with...

I'm a web 2.0er. As such, I am obsessed with a few websites. These include: Great for managing money. It's free, and has nearly all the capabilities of Microsoft Money. (And it doesn't screw up your accounts like Money does, AND it has no annual fee, let alone any fee.) And it's totally secure. This is a family networking site. You can keep track of cousins, their kids, their birthdays, and post photos and events. It's nice for putting down information about ancestors too. You can share ancestor information easily with family, which you cannot do with personal ancestral files (PAF). This site is also secure.

Librarything: I already blogged about this. This site remains totally awesome. I have no idea if this website is secure, but who cares if people know what books you read?

Goodreads: This is the lesser version of Librarything, but it's completely free and more people use it so you can network with your friends on the site and see what they're reading and what reviews they've written. Ditto on security.

By the way, I am not obsessed with Facebook or My Space. Especially not My Space.


Jay said...

Wow, thanks! I actually paid to renew a subscription for Microsoft Money at the first of the year. It felt like extortion... because I have spent so much time working in it that I almost had to, but I hate the program, it requires constant adjustments, and is incapable of doing anything by itself and doing it right. the files were easily corrupted too. I'll have to give Mint a try.

D Sharma said...

Laura - This certainly is a great list. Web2.0 is the word in today's era :)

I'd like to hear from you whether you've taken a look at MyHeritage at We believe its pretty cool and I just thought might be interested in checking it out.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.