Tuesday, August 23, 2011

birthday + early provoness

Today is my birthday. It has been weird so far. Usually I remember my birthday is coming up at least a month in advance. And then I might think about it once every couple days. And then the night before, I would go to bed thinking that the next day is my birthday. And I would remember it the moment I woke up. This year, I was so distracted with moving that I barely noticed my birthday was coming. I didn't even think of it yesterday until someone wished me an early happy birthday on facebook.  I didn't remember it was my birthday for a whole hour after waking up this morning. I am not sure what is normal for most people, but this year has definitely been unusual for me.

Another possible reason I did not anticipate my birthday is because there is very little mathematical significance about the number 28 (my new age!). 28 is 7 times 4. But it is not a prime number, or a cube, or anything like that. So it is definitely lacking in the math thrills department. I am excited for next year when I am 29. First prime number since 23. Yes, I am nerdy. This is no surprise.

So far I have been in Provo since Friday morning at 7:15 am. That makes it 4 and a half days so far. Our ward appears to be pretty good, based on my experience last sunday. There are the old ladies in Relief Society that know all there is to know. There is the old man handing out programs with a smile. The only thing that was decidedly provo (to me anyway) was the signup sheet in the attendance binder sent round Relief Society asking if you were expecting, and if so, to put down your name and due date.

I have been on campus twice now. Both were for free breakfasts for new or continuing faculty. Today DH took me into the BYU bookstore. There is a shelf called "Forgotten Classics" that I mistakenly thought would contain things like Agnes Grey or Around the World in 80 days. But, no. They mean LDS classics with long names. I was also amazed at the amount of junk food sold in the bookstore. Wow. I mean. Wow. And they actually sell clothes that are not BYU items. DownEast Basics is sold there too. This astounded me.

So far I have accidentally stumbled onto only one lovers tryst. I was trying to walk home (by myself, after David ditched me) without knowing anything but the general direction. I found myself entering a garden like area. I went down a few steps. And then I was at a dead end. But I was not alone.

Also on the same walk home, just after I parted with DH outside his office building, there was a group of people walking behind me. These were university faculty and staff streaming out of the same meeting I had just attended with DH. I kissed DH goodbye (on the lips), and went on my way. Then not 10 seconds later I hear someone say behind me, "And there is a great example of student/professor relationships." I was somewhat shocked but also thrilled that I could add this comment to my collection of strange provoisms. I turned around and looked at them to make sure they knew I'd heard, and also to make sure they were talking about me. I forget what they said after that (something about how they were kidding, and enjoyed the display), but I entertained myself thinking about the exchange on the way home, at least until I discovered the tryst and realized I was lost in 90 degree weather. Sigh.

Sorry for this long post. Or not.


j the mathnificent said...

Ma chérie parfaite!

I missed this day. This makes me terribly sad. Perhaps I shall explain my missingness sometime.

I missed this day ... as. much. as. I.miss.you. (completely)

To offer you some birthday joy to last all year, I give you the lovely, mathematically significant properties to the number 28.

• 28 is a Perfect Number, that is, a number that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors!
• You have only ever been one other PN (at age 6) and will never again be (unless you live to 496)!
• < 50 PN are known!
• AND. (A cherry on top of the parfait!) The year you were born, the number of known PN was, itself, 28!*

* By which of course I have to mean "28 + exclamation mark", not "28 factorial".

I love you a-million-infinity-twenty-eight. xoxoxoxo LOVE.

LRH said...

thank you for sharing the beautiful mathisms, J. It is funny you should mention the perfect number thing, because right after I told DH about my post he said that 28 was a perfect number. But you have gone far beyond his mathematical knowledge. Thank you:)

I miss you too!

Johannes and Christine said...

I love this post. It made me smile :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.