Monday, August 08, 2011

ja vi elsker dette landet

I was maybe 8 years old when my entire family got Norwegian flag t-shirts. I'm talking about the standard white t-shirt with a flag printed on it. It had "ja vi elsker dette landet" printed below the flag, which is Norwegian for "Yes we love this country" and is the national anthem of Norway. I forget the occasion for the group purchase, but the point is that we are Norwegian. I'm like 45% ish. Or whatever. So I was watching this music video, which is sort of addicting. I want to watch it over and over. (its the Pop! song with Hugh Grant...) Anyway, there is a guy in the video wearing one of those British flag t-shirts. I'm not talking about the white t-shirt with a flag on the front, but where the entire shirt is the flag. So that got me thinking that I really need to have one of those. Except I want the Norwegian flag on it.

After searching for a while on the internet, including using both english and norwegian search terms (norsk flagg skjorte), I now know that they are almost non-existant. The closest thing I found was this:

But unfortunately, it does not come in anything other than standard male t-shirt sizes. But I will not give up. Someday I will find one that is perfect, and then I'll wear it with a leather jacket.

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