Monday, August 15, 2011

moving + the end of the endless soap

We're moving this week. That means we procrastinate packing until the last two days before movers come and get our stuff. (I am so thankful BYU pays for movers!) But I am tired from just thinking about two solid days of packing...

I have been trying to use up everything in the fridge/freezer and have done relatively well. I had no idea I had so much ham. Or pork. I think I will avoid ham and pork for a while.

Some things are working out perfectly. Out of the 48 toilet paper roll pack I bought some time ago, we now have 2 rolls left. We have maybe 1 cup of laundry detergent left. Unfortunately we ran out of peanut butter a couple days ago. I will probably have to buy more. Alas.

BUT the most amazingly timed event ever is that we FINALLY used up the last of the soap. You know. The soap I have written about periodically for the last 2 years. Here and here and here. I know you will be SO sad to know that this could be the last soap post. David did suggest that we hunt down another bar of that soap (if Walmart still sells the same bath kits) and test out how long it lasts by using it only in the shower (since the last one was used solely as hand washing soap in the bathroom). I am not sure how I feel about repeating the soap experience. While definitely entertaining and amazing at times, it really was quite irritating having endless soap that doesn't lather. I'm not sure I want to do it again, even for the benefit of science.

But my birthday is coming up, and if DH gets me a Walmart bath kit (highly unlikely, if not impossible) then I guess we'll have to see:)

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Kayla said...

I seen and and had to comment!
My husband and I keep a bar of soap we got for our household shower for almost 2 years! I wonder if it was the same soap...

So long, and thanks for all the fish.