Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Letter to Alexander Mccall Smith

Dear Mr. Mccall Smith,

I adore you. Well, not really you actually (no hard feelings!), but I adore the books you write. However considering how delightful your books are, you must be at least somewhat delightful too. Did you know some libraries mistakenly shelve your books under 'S'?

Thank you for writing so many books. The rate at which you publish books has been increasing of late, but there is still room for improvement. I have made this plot for you to illustrate this point. (this plot was made possible by none other than my favorite website ever,
Please write more. I'm glad you are only 61 because that means you have at least 40 more years of writing to do. I'm only 26 and I expect you to keep up with my reading demands until I'm at least 65.

That's all. Happy New Year.

-an adoring fan


Anonymous said...

Who is this?

Anonymous said...

I sent other replies by using the reply button. Will they get through?

Anonymous said...

I love seeing my own writing in print

Anonymous said...

Dear DH, My daughter is so happy since she met and married you. Thank you for finding and appreciating my precious Laura. I know it took very little work to fall love with her but thanks for hanging in there. You have made all the difference. Love, DAD

So long, and thanks for all the fish.