Monday, February 14, 2011

sisterly love

Facebook is a special place where you can have even more special conversations. Ahem.

12/10/2010 LRH: um.
12/16/2010 LRH: so yeah.
12/17/2010 JW: okay
01/05/2011 LRH: psha
01/10/2011 HH: zif
LRH: zif zif
01/11/2011 HH: whatevaaarr
JW: eee er eee er eee er
01/12/2011 HH: your butt goes eee er eee er eee er!
JW: Your mouth goes... uh, never mind.
LRH: no, no, its your face!
HH: Where did A. learn that again?
JW: Aunt H.
HH: zif
JW: so, you acknowledge your guilt?
JW: Laura's face? Yes, Laura's.
LRH: what-evar

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