Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruched Maternity Skirt - Megan Nielsen

This review is for pattern MN1008 from the maternity survival pack, by Megan Nielsen.

I had some serious problems with this skirt. I made the correct size based on my hip measurement (XL). But the skirt was SO BEYOND TIGHT that I tried letting out the seams. That was no where near enough, so then added 3 inch strips of fabric to each side. Then I decided it was too short, so I added a ruffle. I really love how it turned out, but I had to unpick that thing SO many times it was beyond irritating. I used 40% stretch fabric just as recommended but was really tight, so if you are making this skirt then be prepared for something to go wrong if you are the type to get big. I'm only 27 weeks or so in this picture. 

Unpicking zigzag stitches is such a pain. I made notes for next time to only baste the skirt together before doing zigzag stitches on the sides so I could try it on and have an easy time unpicking if necessary. Also I made notes to add an extra 3 inches to each piece when I cut it out next time. I did make another skirt, which came together much quicker. To get the extra 3 inches, I pinned the pattern for front and back 1.5 inches away from the fold. That way I kept the same side shape and added an extra 3 inches down the front and back center. This next one I added extra length too--as much as the yard of fabric allowed. 

I left the ruching off both skirts. I was worried it would make it tighter than I wanted, but I also had the issue of where to put the elastic on the purple one because I added extra side panels. The tulip one I may add the ruching elastic later, or for another pregnancy. I plan to use clear elastic for the ruched sides (as I did in the ruched maternity shirt) since it is so stretchy. 

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