Saturday, July 06, 2013

more evidence of domesticity: maternity swimsuit full panel bottoms

I added a side shot on 7/23/2013. See below.

I made just the bottom portion of a suit out of black nylon/lycra (~80/20 blend) with ruched sides (though ruched only on the front piece of fabric) and a clear elastic sown over the gathered edge for stability. (Same idea/method as discussed in this pattern). There is an elastic just below the bustline that keeps it up.  I used this swimsuit tutorial slightly as a guide, but really just ended up tracing existing bottoms that were too small, guessing, basting, trying it on, cutting more, more basting, try on again, etc. It was just trial and error and the fit is not perfect. I used a zig-zag stitch everywhere so it would stretch at the seams.  I initially was planning on just making a fully panel belly band to wear with a tankini top and bottom, but decided to do it this way instead so it was more comfortable and not cutting into my lower belly. 
I am wearing it with the top of a tankini I already had that has slid up my belly. (This picture is from a few weeks ago, with Ila and her friend Madelyn. I can't believe I'm posting a picture of me in a swimsuit! Oh well:)

And here is the side shot:

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Rebecca said...

This suit is even more awesome in person.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.