Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Full Panel Maternity Pants

I wanted to make some full panel maternity pants based on this tutorial. It was a trial and error process, but the finished product looks like this:

 This is one of the earliest projects I did (early may). These pants sort of work, but are not very practical because the panel fabric I chose was interlock jersey which only has 4 or 5% spandex (not nearly enough!) and the fabric doesn't rebound. The maternity panels I've seen in stores have something much higher, like 18 or 20%. The fabric just gets stretched out and doesn't spring back. So then the pants end up falling down when walking, which is the problem I had with below belly elastic maternity pants. But they are very comfortable for sitting, which the low cut pants are NOT. So. I guess I'll wear skirts if I want to walk very much, or I'll wear my pair of store bought ones.

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