Friday, June 15, 2012

blog stats you may or may not find interesting

So. Google keeps statistics on pageviews of my blog, at least since May 2008 (but this blog has been going since 2005). Sometimes I amuse myself by looking at these statistics. There are two posts that have consistently been the top two in number of views (at least according to data collected since 2008, mind you. No doubt there are other posts written before 2008 that are unsung.)

The # 1 hitter is a post known as tags shmags, which has 986 pageviews, an exponentially higher tally than most blog pages of mine. (and when I say exponential, I mean exponential. Not just lots. Nope. Hope you enjoyed this aside DH.) Now why is this page so highly read when most other pages have less than 50 hits? Are people searching for "tags shmags" all the time? Shmags was a word I made up on the spot. But it could just as easily be spelled schmags. So you see the popularity of this page is an unexplained phenomenon. Though I must say it is one of my finer posts. Maybe. Perhaps I should ponder that a bit longer. Maybe I should do a post about my favorite posts. Hmm.

And the # 2 hitter (with 311 pageviews) is my Event Horizon post about the Hadron Collider news report. This post is not even very interesting. You might even say it is completely uninteresting, especially considering it is four years old. But the picture is nice. Maybe that's the draw.

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