Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wedding follow up: vendors & venues-- part 5

continuing from part 4...
the invitations: Mercurio Brothers printing. 

They do letterpress invitations at relatively low prices, certainly lower they anything else I found, and with great quality. You have to order several weeks in advance. At the time of my wedding, they had a 5 week backlog. Call ahead to see how many weeks advance they need to have your order ready on-time. You can give them a pdf of a pre-designed invitation and they will work with you on colors and get it looking perfect. They are located in Berkeley, CA, so if you live near there you can pick up your order but otherwise they will ship anywhere.

the honeymoon: the Providence Inn B&B (in Providence, Utah)

After our wedding we drove up to Providence (just south of Logan) and stayed for a few days. It was a nice quite place to stay. They bring breakfast to your room too, and I remember it being very good. Their rooms are nice too. We stayed in their English Cottage room.


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