Saturday, May 23, 2009

tags shmags

I'm not really getting this tags thing. The majority of all my posts get tagged as "blather." Sometimes there is a really obvious theme, but usually it's just blather. My creativity has not extended in this direction.

Lots of people I know have cool tags on their blogs. J the square has "my life in threadless shirts" as a tag. I think that's pretty cool. I think all her tags are cool, actually.

Maybe this is a sign that most of what I write is blather. There must be subcategories to blather, however. I have yet to think of these subclasses. Take this post for example. What should it be tagged, if not blather?

On my lesser known blog that I never write on (keeping with the nothing theme), I have a much better tagging system. It's simple. It works. It is a simple hierarchy where I rate how lame the post is. I have four rankings, increasing in lameness.

1. non-lame
2. lamish
3. lame
4. super-lame

Though subjective, it is a great way to classify posts. There is no tricky thinking about overlapping tag categories. It can't be tagged both lame and super-lame (except for the post where I delve into the depths of meaning behind lamish, lame, and super-lame, which was a pre- "non-lame" post, meaning--that tag didn't exist yet).

Some of my posts on the lesser blog are code for what was going on in my dating life at the time. Perfect for a nothing blog.

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