Friday, May 15, 2009

the story of a burnt pot

Don't faint. I'm actually writing a blog post. This might have something to do with the fact that I finished my spring semester coursework last wednesday! Hooray. Time for a break.

One time 10 years ago I put chili in a pot on heat and then forgot about it. I had been running on the treadmill in the basement...oblivious. Oblivious that is, until my mom woke up from her nap from the smell of smoke and came and found me. That was the worst burnt pot ever. It never recovered.

So earlier this week DH made rice. And it burned onto the bottom of the pan. Even after soaking and scrubbing, some of the charred remains were still there. I thought--no matter! And reused it the next day to steam broccoli. Except I forgot about the broccoli. Now the pot was twice burnt, with broccoli bits for decoration. Right after that DH got home and witnessed me trying to pick out the broccoli that wasn't totally ruined. I said, "my mom always said that if you put baking soda into a pot with water and let it boil, then the burnt layer will float to the top." So, I thought I'd try it. But then, I forgot about it. Now the pot had 3 layers of char! The baking soda made this lovely brown crispy layer...

At this point DH could not stop laughing. But I'd already had my laugh. I more dangerous heat! Obviously I am not to be trusted. So I let it soak, and then miraculously the charred remains came off extremely easily, no scrubbing required. Maybe the baking soda worked after all?

This post would be much funnier with pictures, but how was I to know I'd forget about the pot so many times?


Juliana said...

That's hilarious! I like your librarian avatar.

Rebecca said...

Yup. It was the baking soda :)

Rachel said...

This makes me happy.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.