Thursday, December 16, 2010

most unlikely conversation

Setting: the steps in the church foyer
Date: two Sundays ago
Parties Present: me. Anna. Six missionaries.
Anna doesn't speak English (picture a sixty something Salvadoran grandma). I don't speak Spanish. I do keep a spanish/english dictionary in my church bag though. Our weekly ritual is to sit on the steps of the foyer before church and attempt to have a conversation. I am there early because DH has meetings. She is there early because she feels like it..I guess.

Today I was attempting to explain that I like my glasses, but I don't like wearing them. My dictionary wasn't that helpful in figuring out how to say "wear" but we finally figured out it is llevar. Then luckily the six missionaries that serve in our ward boundaries showed up (early for their ward council appearance) and I immediately asked them to assist.

Me: "So I thought that llevar was to carry, not wear?
Missionary 1: "Well it means both."
Anna: "No me gustan sus zapatos."
Me: "Apparently she doesn't like my shoes."

At this point the dictionary has fallen open to a very special page. The words at the top of the page caught my eye--"bathing trunks." So naturally I ask the missionaries (one of which is a native spanish speaker) for more information. While most missionaries in the area learn Spanish, the native speaker has learned English.

Me: So what are bathing trunks? Taparrabo? Is that like swim trunks?
Missionary 2: {laughter...followed by incomprehensible rapid spanish}
Missionary 1: I think it's the word for speedo.
Me: like they bathe in a speedo?
Missionary 2: no, but it's like Tarzan's outfit.
Anna: Taparrabo? Tarzan? {cackle cackle}
Missionary 1: or like a loincloth

Then we all laughed for 10 minutes and they all learned that I cry when I laugh too hard.

Later DH told me that Missionary 2 told him to ask me what word I learned today.

Now I can say "loincloth" in Spanish and know that I learned it from a missionary.


Juliana said...

That is really funny.

Heidi said...

Wow! That's funny!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.