Wednesday, June 10, 2009

on the run

For the last two months, I've gotten used to running three mornings a week around my neighborhood. I live in College Terrace, which is basically 3 long streets and a lot of cross streets that connect them. It is a quiet residential community that has beautiful, unique homes that cost a lot of money. It's great for running since there are lots of interesting things to look at, and it is much prettier (in my opinion) than the ever popular walk/run locale: the Dish. The Dish trail covers hilly terrain, however, which I admit is an attraction considering most of Palo Alto is flat (except for the gentle downward sloping to the east, which makes biking to and from Stanford campus to be a lopsided affair).

When I run, I go up and down the cross streets. I have discovered fun things hidden in the Terrace. First--a tennis court. It's totally hidden, and totally free to use! Second--a drinking fountain. This is always appreciated. Then there is this mysterious two-seater car that pops up in random spots in the neighborhood. Sometimes it is parked in front of my apartment in the morning with a person waiting in it. Oooga booga.

DH comes with me much of the time. And my legs are getting bigger. I wonder when they will stop?

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