Friday, June 12, 2009

dark chocolate souffle

So, up to this point I haven't been much of a food blogger. BUT that doesn't mean I don't cook. Or think about food a lot. (too much).

My latest favorite website to get recipes from is I discovered it from the blog of lovely Kim who has two adorable dogs, one of which is now famous for sneezing. Foodgawker is a collection of recipes from the blogsphere. Pictures and blurbs are submitted by the bloggers. You can search for nearly any food or combination of words and get awesome looking recipes. For example: searching for lemon brownie yields two recipes. There are over 28,000 recipes on there so far, and more are added every day. I made super awesome garlic fries a couple months ago that I found on there.

So anyway. I got some cute yellow mini-souffle dishes (or ramekins) for a wedding present, and have used them to make dark chocolate souffles. While delightful, the souffle dishes are WAY too big for one person (for dessert). Mine are 10 oz and basic ramekin size is 6 oz I believe. The 10 oz dishes would be perfect for a savory souffle for one person. But to continue. I found this recipe on Cooking for Engineers, and multiplied it 1.5 times to fill two 10 oz souffle cups. This is the result:

Yum! The one problem with these souffles (besides being too much to eat, even for me) is that they taste better after cooling off. The problem with cooling off is that the souffle falls. It is still fluffy, but it is definitely shorter. And the crispy top softens somewhat during cooling.

The recipe calls for 70% cacao, but I use guittard bittersweet. I have no idea what percent it is. You could probably use chocolate chips and melt them, or use cocoa+oil and add extra sugar.

PS. Baking chocolate (the kind with individually wrapped ounces) is a rip off. It costs twice as much as getting bulk chocolate that you break apart yourself. Food scales are really helpful.


childishkim said...

OOOHHHh!!! I can't wait until Ben wakes up to show him your blog! He'll want to make those souffles like this morning. :)

mshayes said...

Mmmm. Yum. I would like to try this deliciousness. I will visit mentioned website. Love you.

Johannes and Christine said...

Thanks - I'll remember that! It seems like I always need a sewing machine every now and then and you have two! You're right, I did wear that dress to church last Sunday :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.