Monday, August 27, 2007

massacre of garlic: the kitchen revolution, part 2

Garlic. A lovely thing. Long ago when forced to read Things Fall Apart (prior to sophomore year of high school--the summer reading assignment) I noticed how very fond of garlic the main character guy is. His name escapes me, actually. It escaped far too many years ago to hope of an honest retrieval. Thus I cheat and look in the book. Ah. Okonkwo. Unless I am mislead (very probable) there is a passage somewhere where he says how much he likes to eat ropes of garlic but his wife doesn't like him to.

Thus I first came to ponder garlic. I did not swoon.

Many years later, after growing up without knives that cut, I have learned to delight in garlic. I have chopped garlic, peeled garlic, tease those that buy pre-peeled garlic, ate garlic, watched others eat garlic, and cooked with garlic. But secretly, subliminally, I yearned for a garlic press. I would say (as I do with all kitchen supplies that I want), when I am rich.

Alas, I shall never be rich, and thus I bought a garlic press 2 weeks ago. And now I can properly massacre garlic. And swoon.


Rebecca said...

Like, wow; I didn't know there were knives that could cut. Where can I, you know, get one? Wait. It could be like way seriously dangerous, and I might, you know, cut myself.

j the m said...

I must proclaim my passion for the garlic press:

O effective massacre that brings
the tender clove --
Italian lover -- to my lips!

I remember when you came to our apartment on Stubbs Ave., with the rental car, and delighted with wonder and awe at the garlic press. ::nostalgic sigh:: O pungent memory!

elspeth said...

I was introduced to the garlic press some years ago by my husband when he told me that he really wanted to get one. We got and still possess it. I must confess however, that I have a spice jar in my cupboard of minced garlic because sometimes it is just more convenient.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.