Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fae flying high

Fae is my butterfly. She is approximately 20 inches wide. Yellow and orange wings. I somehow fit her into my luggage after buying her at F.A.O Shwartz in New York City 6 years ago during choir tour. (my apartment is hot. This must be said. Now that it is said I shall move on.) Fae is the centerpiece of my stuffed animal collection. Only the most prized of my stuffed animals have names.

Herman: a very tall tortoise. He is my sole purchase from my one visit to Moab.
Walter: a rabbit, sent via david hubbards trunk from my own dear mum (for easter).
Clara: a raccoon, whose name I forgot and then remembered.
Ross Calvin: An owl. Many in high school said my owl looked like a furby (from behind), but it does not. I repeat, it does not. My mum bought me this owl at the hospital gift shop once after I had a PFT.
Fae: the lovely butterfly.

I have recently done a childish (but exciting!) thing and pinned netting to a ceiling corner and put all my stuffed animals in it. Fae is on the bottom, flying, seemingly supporting the rest. It is pinned very insecurely above my bed. I rest easy in the knowledge that no one I know has died from stuffed animals falling on them in sleep. It did take two tries to make it stay (though insecure) and Walter does not fit...or rather, I am afraid it will collapse if I put him in. Eventually I will get my film developed, and when I do I'll post a picture of the delightful spectacle.

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M&M said...

Ironically, we purchased a small green turtle while in Mexico last summer. He has since been glued to the dashboard of our car. He is all knowing and will answer any yes/no question posed to him (he is a bobble head). We fondly refer to him as "HERMAN" as well.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.