Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Graduation: a thing of the past

To be specific, I graduated 3 months ago ("degree conferred"). It's true. But I didn't graduate until 2 weeks ago.

Italics are everything. Everything. Underline is a thing of the past. Underline is dead. Dead. Another digression(
This reminds me of an assignment I once had in Jr. High English class. It was entitled, "Really and Very are dead." Dead. We were to compose brilliant essays without using those words for adverbs. I forget whether mine was brilliant or not.)
Yet another digression(
I must admit I looked up "really" in the dictionary to check the part of speech. I had suspected it was an adverb, but wasn't certain. Now that I am certain, I am not sure why. Don't adverbs modify verbs? Case: "He was really cute." Cute is an adjective. Was is a verb, however, it doesn't seem to be getting modifed by the "adverb," but cute does. Blah. I need an English review, it would seem.)
I used to think underlining very important and grammatically essential. Before my librarything days, I used to keep track of all the books I read in my journal. I would underline all the book titles, just like I was taught. (Yes,I've been a drone, an ant in sunglasses.) I did it even when nobody would see it but me. Even though I have decided underlining to be out of style, it was very helpful to spot a title without having to scan thru all the text on a page. But. I digress from the main topic of this post.)

Graduation. I went. I had 10 seconds of fame when I saw myself on the stadium big screen. I got sunburned too, alas (with alack--for you, Janie;-)) Since then the sunburn has faded, as have the lilies and roses that those who love me gave me that day.

that's all.

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