Monday, June 25, 2007

package tracking

Can I just say how much I love being able to track ordered packages online? I feel so in-the-know, like I'm making the journey vicariously and rooting on the sidelines. My excitement builds with each new stop scanned into the list, the time in and out of each processing location, changing hands, getting closer and closer. Yet I marvel at how quickly my latest package has jumped from Fort Worth to Oakland. There are only 1.5 hours between the departure at Forth Worth and the arrival at Oakland, according to the tracker... The flight is 3 times that long. Hmm. Hmm. Even if the 2 hour time difference is taken into account, that's still pretty quick. These are the things I think about. This is what thrills me. Package tracking. Oooo baby. FedEx me a package. Make my day.


Maricello said...

I have had these same thoughts myself--You express the anticipation and the thought process so well!

But often my thoughts go the other way--"Eight hours in Worcester?" I could have driven there and back, twice, in the time my package is languishing there.

Rebecca said...

The most bizzare tracking experience I've had is when I ordered a cedar insulated cat house (yes, a cat house rather than a dog house) from Nova Scotia. It didn't hit tracking until it reached the U.S. border, and then the real fun began. I was able to see all the stops that had been made in remote Canadian towns. I started to wonder if it came by bobsled, because it took about 15 days just to get to Montreal.

The wait was worth it though, as kitty now has the best kitty condo in town.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.