Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Run

David and I ran in a 5K on December 1st. Ila came too. The great part is that for the race we all had to wear a santa suit! (Except Ila got away with just a hat and beard). I'm including the pictures we took in this post too.

 Ila is the cutest. She kept the hat/beard on the whole time! We were impressed.

My sister pointed out that facial hair does not cover the nose. Yes, I am aware of that. But having never worn a beard in my life, and pulling it on seconds before the flash went off, I ended it up doing it wrong! Whoops. Oh well. Hope you get a laugh.

This was the first race I've ran since my half-marathon last June, and only the third time I've run at all since then. My running habit has converted into stationary bike, which has been more flexible with a baby around. But I finished in 36 minutes, which isn't too bad for hardly running at all, and David did 31 minutes. We're rockin.

for kt. :)

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