Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cloth Diapers

So I just realized I have never posted anything about cloth diapers. I've been using them on Ila for 6 months now, and they are great. I've been working on the same box of 200 disposables all that time. I put a disposable diaper on Ila when we will be gone for more than a couple hours, like church or at family stuff. It works.

I use Clotheez prefolds and Thirsties covers, from this website that is so informative and helpful. (I also bought a diaper sprayer on amazon, which is very essential for easy cleaning and long term cloth diapering). I spent a while looking at the info when I was pregnant, but then didn't end up buying diapers for a few months until life settled down. Also, Ila had a rash so I decided to try cloth at that time for that reason (and it helped so much. Her rashes are only ever very mild when using cloth-nothing like the evil and nasty red thing she had before).
I bought the covers new, and about half the diapers new. The used ones I got on, where they have a forum with lots of categories depending on the diaper style. I also got some hemp doublers on it so we have extra protection at night. You can also post there and ask questions, or look through the archives since people post issues/questions of all kinds there related to cloth (and parenting in general).

I do feel like I am saving money, since I've gotten past the point where they paid for themselves (by not buying so many disposables). The covers will need to be replaced eventually since the lining wears down, but the diapers last forever. The covers/diapers match about size 3 diaper which she was nearly at when I bought the dipes, so she might need a bigger size someday. Which is fine with me, but I know there are some one-size covers and all-in-ones out there that adjust to fit various sizes by folding/snapping.

Anyway, that's my secret. Or not so much now, but if you happen to notice some colorful diaper cover in a picture of her, that's because she uses cloth!

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