Monday, January 03, 2011

I said four

When I was little (and likely before I was born) my grandparents used to interview us at Christmastime. My family has our biggest Christmas celebration on Dec 23rd. We have a lot of home videos from this night from previous years, and they often include the interviews. One of the most notorious interviews that went down in family history starred me, age four, being interviewed by my paternal grandmother.

Here are the highlights:

Grandmommy: How old are you Laura?
me: four.
Grandmommy: what?
me: I SAID FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(my family likes to quote me on this. Incessantly. )
At some point during the interview I begin to pinch my nose.
Grandmommy: What are you doing that for Laura?
me: your breath is stinky
Grandmommy: What do you want for Christmas Laura?
me: a popple.
Grandmommy: what?
me: A POPPLE!!!
But no popple came that year. In fact, no popple came any year after that and I'd soon forgotten about my dearest christmas wish.

Until this year.

We had interviews again, for the first time since I can remember, and my mom interviewed me. On camera, she gives me a present. (This is strange, because we already opened all the presents--or so I thought). She tells me to open it. She said she has waited 23 years to give me this present.

I opened it to reveal....

Meet Priscilla the Popple. Now I can die happy.


super awesome kt said...

haha! I love this story!

Rachel said...

I had one of those, and LOVED it. But then it tore a bit at the seams, and my mom made me throw it out. I'm still quite upset about it.

Enjoy your Priscilla, and NEVER take her for granted!

MommaMcCarthy said...

Where on Earth did she find that?! I got a purple pope for Christmas one year...

Love the interview thing. I'm going to start doing that :)

MommaMcCarthy said...

Darn iPhone predictive text & darn me for not proofreading... I meant to say I got a purple popple. Not to be confused with a purple pope. What one does with a purple pope, im not sure. I never owned one.

Aim High said...

nice blog...

So long, and thanks for all the fish.