Thursday, January 13, 2011

the heel

I made persimmon bread with some pulp I froze a while back. The recipe is here. It was very tasty.

So as you know there are two kinds of bread slices: the heel, and the middle. Each has its advantages. When the bread is old and dry, the middle is best. When the bread is new and dry, middle is best. But when the bread is moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside (which is what happens when sweet breads cool on a rack), the heel is THE BEST.

(I must point out that this is my own opinion. DH thinks the heel is the best at all times. It took me a while to believe that he truly preferred the heel and wasn't just trying to be a martyr by claiming he wanted it. My mom always did that. Yes, my mom, the heel martyr. She also "likes" cold leftovers. Whatever mom. You know you like them reheated. We both know.)

So usually I am content to let DH eat the heel. But not with warm persimmon bread. I took the heel without asking him first. I took it and took a few bites. Yum. THEN I told him that the bread was ready and did he want some? But he saw I was consuming the heel. He was just a little bit sad until I reminded him that there was still ANOTHER heel and there is no rule against eating it last. So we both ate heels first.



Apothecary Inn said...

2 Heels = True Love :)

Rebecca said...

True or untrue:
Mom prefers the heel from fresh homemade bread and fresh high-quality bakery bread.

True or untrue
Mom prefers the heal on store-bought sandwich bread.
Untrue. I prefer the soft inner bread and toast the heel.

True or untrue:
Mom likes cold leftovers.
True. It was faster to have them cold and used fewer dishes in pre-microwave days. Hot is also nice now that we have microwave ovens, but the lazy factor favors cold. Nana learned to like cold leftovers because it was too big of a pain to fire up the coal stove in Norway.

True or untrue:
Grandpa Strand liked his bread baked longer to ensure crunchy crust all the way around.
True. He would ask bakers to put the bread back in the oven for an extra 15 minutes.

Juliana said...

That story about Grandpa is charming.

John said...

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kathie said...

The heel is only preferable in brownies :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.