Thursday, January 06, 2011

i am an evil genius

So we spent Christmas in Utah this year, as usual.

University of Utah won the BYU-Utah game this year so David had to wear his brother's Utah tie to his home ward over christmas. Except I got to wear it the day before. Its odd that I don't have any pictures of David wearing it though. Maybe he removed the evidence on the sly.

We spent our days literally dashing to and fro (what a clever allusion, I must say). It was tiring, but fun. We managed to get one picture with both of us in it. We are dancing a jig.

My favorite parts about christmas this year were receiving the Popple, watching my nephews open presents christmas morning (we slept over at my sisters the night before), and discovering my nephew Luke's latest cutism. He is talking a lot now (age 2) and has a maniacal laugh. His dad has trained him to say, "I am an evil genius, mwahahahaha!"

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