Sunday, December 07, 2008

one gallon axe

David and I watched another episode of Mary Tyler Moore recently on It was about how the anchorman, Ted, temporarily lost his inflated ego. During the 5+ commercial breaks, Hulu shows the same commercial each time. (This is a major flaw in the hulu operation. They really need to vary their commercials, and perhaps do some age targeting based on the show. But then, does the same thing half the time.) However, I did not mind watching the same commercial 5+ times because it was SO AWESOME. It featured some rocker called "White Gold" who has super long white hair and plays a guitar filled with milk (his "one gallon axe" that he drinks from occasionally) singing an awesome song about how drinking milk makes him cool. He's the new face of GOT MILK? and is sponsored by the California Milk Processor Board. Newsweek calls the music "surprisingly excellent." It's targeted for teens, so if you end up hating it then keep that in mind:)

I've never been so delighted by a commercial. At the end of the MTM episode, there was a link to If you go to it, you can participate in an interactive music video and gain access to the "milktastical" realm where if you complete 7 quests/tasks, you can download the White Gold album, "The Best I Can Give is 2%." Here's a little taste:


MommaMcCarthy said...


love it!

Anonymous said...

This blog should be inscribed on a gold plate and attached to one of the next satellites to leave the solar system (along with its URL, of course).

So long, and thanks for all the fish.