Friday, December 19, 2008


Today is my 0.5 year anniversary. DH and I are very happy, and enjoy celebrating decimals. We celebrated our 0.4166 anniversary last month, and our 0.33 and 0.25 before that. The possibilities are endless!


DH said...

Because there are twelve months and we have a base ten number system, we get some nice repeating decimals. That's what happens when you mix Arabic and Babylonian systems: pure chaos. This would be a good reason to have a ten-month calendar, like the early Romans.
In any case, we are halfway to our anniversary. Yay!

Rebecca said...

You guys are great! We need to adopt your anniversary and birthday celebration system. Party on Dudes!

j the halppy said...

halppy half! (i think the soap is the best...)

roscivs said...

@DH: Or, alternately, switch to a twelve-based counting system (duodecimal). But I agree, one of the two have got to change!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.