Wednesday, October 11, 2006

don't read this entry

I am alive. I am busy. I am delinquent in my blogging, but have not had any proper inspiration of witticisms to publish. And so you are stuck with this, which began innocently enough as my gchat status line in the middle of the night when I was in a silly mood.

1:36 am: a police car just passed. I hallucinated that the siren was a guy outside whistling "If I only had a brain." It took me far too long to realize my error--it totally sounded like the song. Amazing. (except, when I wrote it late last night on my gchat status, I misspelled "hallucenated")
2:10 am: finished up an entire TP roll from blowing nose all day.
2:45 am: outdoor stroll to the printer cluster.
3:30 am: sleep.
7:26 am: alarm.
8:04 am: late for class. Again.
9:14 am: arrive at Vaden health center for an appointment.
9:45 am: emerged from health center, with nothing more than a "run of the mill cold" and a giant band aid over a liquid nitrogen attack zone on my leg.
10:45 am: finally found two papers on levee piping in Stanford library online that eluded me for a whole hour .
11:45 am: gave up pretending to remember structural analysis for dynamics homework, and went home to eat and get the book.
12:45 pm: stared at homework, back at school.
2:30 pm: decided sleeping at desk is less helpful, and went home to sleep in bed.
6:20 pm: fire alarm goes off in apartment building, waking me up. I go to the wrong check point outside of the building, since they never count heads anyway. I got a free gift of two hot pads with big warnings on them to turn off stove/oven when done cooking. Yippee.
6:45 pm: Libby feeds me. How nice.
7:25 pm: head out to county library.
8:15 pm: tear myself away from county library having checked out 5 more books.
8:48 pm: writing a lame blog entry.

And so. Obviously my life is action-packed, and everyone wants to be me. I did not remember to get my mail, not that there would be any.

I am participating in a haiku competition.

I think I am the last person to download iTunes. I have finally done it. I set my music so that it would be shared, too, but forgot to change the default name from "Laura's Music" to something else. Two hours later someone came by my room claiming to know I was home because "your music was online." Luckily, said person was non-scary, but I changed my music share title to something else in case there is ever a semi-scary stalker person.

Latest blunder: someone remarked to me that she had witnessed "post office trauma," and I actually thought she meant after hours arguing at her new job. Brilliant, Laura, brilliant.

I have nothing further to say.

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