Thursday, October 19, 2006

Act 1: Scenes 1 - 3

And so. I decided a few months ago that I should carry a voice recorder around with me (figuratively) and record my conversations. Then I'd put them in a book and sell it and be rich, because of course, my conversations with people are...odd. (I am not really going to make a book, sorry to dash your hopes.)

And so, here begins my first three scenes of seemingly unconnected events (which, in fact, are unconnected, if you suspected otherwise).

---Scene 1---10/17/06, 8:30 pm.
Setting: Me, standing 10 feet from a pillar, talking to the aforementioned Libby, who suddenly answers the phone.

Adam: mumble mumble [This person was not in the setting because he came out of nowhere.]
Me: what?
Adam: Good job singing.
Me: Oh. Thanks. [I may or may not have sung that a choir.]
Adam: mumble mumble
Me: huh?
Adam: I'm going to go to the bathroom now.
Me: Ok, you have a good time.

[Why does this person tell me he is going to the bathroom? I barely know him. Lucky me.]
---end of scene 1---

---Scene 2---10/17/06, 8:54 pm.
Setting: Me, leaning against a pillar talking to a boy in a suit in MemChu (aka, stanford memorial church). (Ok, ok, it's the same pillar as in scene 1. But the events are still unconnected.)

Nathan: You look melancholy.
Me: No, this is me, being meditative. Do you meditate on one of those round black cushion things?
Nathan: Did you just ask me if I have a round black pillow that I sit on to meditate?
Me: No. It was a fake question.

[And I wasn't even being sarcastic on the last line. Why do I say such stupid things? Needless to say, the scene ended soon after.]
---end of scene 2---

---Scene 3---10/18/06, 11:15 am.
Setting: Me, standing outside Blume Center, in the sun, staring at the ground.

[Shadow approaches, and stops.
I look up at the shadow. Behold, a person. A person I know.]

Me: Hi.
Josh: Are you waiting for someone?
Me: no..
Josh: So, you just thought you'd stop because you'd come to the stop sign?
[I look upward. The pole next to me does indeed have a stop sign attached. It is a funny thing.]
Me: no. I came to be warm. [Because I was cold..obviously.]
Josh: Oh.
Me: Happy Birthday two days ago.
Josh: Thanks. Oh yeah, it's birthday donut day. I'm going to go get one.
Me: Bye. Have fun eating donut.

[I continue to stare at the pavement..standing at the corner, adjacent to two crosswalks, at the stop sign.]
---end of scene 3---

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