Monday, April 18, 2011

San Francisco Bay to Breakers

I'm running in my next race 4 weeks from now. It is only 7.5 miles (12K), much shorter than the half marathon I did last February. I think it is the perfect length based on my burn out at the 8-mile mark during the half marathon.

Bay to Breakers is a huge deal in the Bay Area. It is like this big (and notorious) party. This year is cool because it is the centennial race and so registration is *limited* to 50,000 people. In honor of the 100th race the security is being tightened and there are no parade floats or alcohol allowed. I did see beer being passed out at one of the drink stations during my half marathon, but I'm sure it was nothing compared to what has gone on at Bay to Breakers in past years.

Alcohol or not, I'm actually going for the purpose of running (and not partying) so I'll probably be ahead of most of the revelry.

teehee! I am excited.

This is the only picture I have from the day of my half marathon, taken after I got home from the race. I forgot to put it up before. J-the-magnificent, doesn't that watch look familiar?

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