Sunday, July 04, 2010

pralines are the thing

This blog post is about my favorite ice cream flavor. In this post I will lament certain things. And then it will be over.

Main text:
My favorite ice cream flavor is Caramel Praline. Sometimes known as Pralines and Caramel. Also sometimes known as Pralines and Cream. It is readily available in Utah. But is it available in California, the state in which I have resided these 5 years? NO. It is not. You can't buy it at the store. You can buy it for 5 dollars per scoop at Haagen-Daz. Does Haagen-Daz make this flavor to sell at the grocery store? No. Grrrr. That is my grrr sound. Like GRRRR you know. It is a mad noise.

I thought my troubles were over when I discovered what is known as Caramel Praline Crunch frozen yogurt made by Dreyers. But it is much inferior, I am telling you there is a serious lack of pralines. Also it is frozen yogurt so there is a failing already. Also, the pralines that do exist are not even crunchy. Grrrrrr.

I want crunchy pralines. Utah is so Farr away (hehe).


Emily said...

Farr, Farr away. Have you looked online for a recipe?

LRH said...

I don't have an ice cream maker. :(
Someday I will have space for one though and will definitely search for The Perfect Recipe. :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.